Department of Geography, University of Cologne

Urbanisation and Global Change in India

German-Indian Research and Cooperation Programmes

DAAD Expert Seminar: Urbanisation and Global Change in India

Environments, Resources, Infrastructure, Health and Governance (ERIHG)

Project leader Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas

Contact person: Dipl. Geogr. Christine Knie

DFG Project: Vulnerability in Megacities - New Approaches to Analyse the Urban Water System in Delhi, India

Risk Analysis Using an Integrated Approach: High-Resolution Remote Sensing, GIS and Qualitative/Quantitative Social Data

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas (University of Cologne),

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mauser (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)

Contact person: Dr. Reena Singh

DFG Project: Impact of Climate and Land Use Change on Water Resources in Pune, India

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider

Contact person: Exam. Geogr. Paul Wagner

Urban environmental quality as a result of bargaining - industrial firms as agents of environmental governance in India and Bangladesh

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Boris Braun

Contact person: Dr. Anke Schüttemeyer